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Horticultural products export not at risk – Spio-Garbrah

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Comment: Change is good

Saint Ghfuo: Nyantakyi must go!
2015-02-16 04:20:17
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Horticultural products export not at risk – Spio

Trade & Industry
How are you making it easier for individuals and business people to get their licenses endorsed etc without having to go thru unethical, unnecessary time wasting, paying bribes, go and comes back foolishness from these public sector ministers and employees?. How easy can people get grants to start businesses in ghana? So jobs can be created, Taxes can be paid, more spending etc....you call yourself minister of trade and Industry, right? Try starting a business in ghana and look at the unnecessary hurdles, bureaucracy, bribes to pay, one has to go thru. You don't think this is a negative deterrent.to the economic success of thecountry? Why haven't you done anything to make things better?

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Saint Ghfuo: Nyantakyi must go! on Feb 16, 2015 04:20