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Devaluation of Chinese Yuan to worsen cedi's plight

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Comment: chinese are evil

2015-08-18 14:58:47
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Devaluation of Chinese Yuan to worsen cedi's pligh

By the end of May those chinese bastards realise that their economy was going down and now they wanna make things work for them by resorting to devaluation of their currency?
Already they have complicated the situation by exiting almost 1/3 of foreigners in their country. Chinese people are evil,selfish and cunning in their ways...our respective African leaders must learn a clue from general Buhari of Nigeria. Deport all chinese people from the African continent .Let them also come back to their own country just as they way they also did to fellow African brothers and sisters.
No matter what they do their economy will not bounce back because they have no good intentions when it comes to pure business...
To Ghana Government ,dont sit down and tell us what the consequences of their devaluation will have on us.
come out with measures to fight back any effect their actions would have on our economy.

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Albert on Aug 18, 2015 14:58
chinese are evil