ECG deal: 6 shortlisted

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Mr Bond
2016-09-06 05:05:58
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Re: ECG deal: 6 shortlisted

Promise 200 school and has only completed 10 schools and he will blame you folks because you know he has not paid ECG to function so what shows that PPP will give ministries free power to run?Folks please let us not allow criminal president John Dramani Mahama to further collapse Ghana and his evil desire is to wreck ministries and health which our national security is been run by saboteurs who are capable of blackmail and over price to government institutions and companies that will lead to total collapse of Ghana.Folks remember your pension president John Dramani Mahama sold to his brother Ibrahim and using your money to buy $1million Benz.Remember your health he has collapse your NHIS and president John Dramani Mahama has got his private plane use our looted money to buy and use our money to fuel the plane and fly his family to abroad for medical treatment and use our money to pay bills.Folks let vote that error thief president John Dramani Mahama our from flagstaff house for he has make his mission to destroy Ghana for good.

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Mr Bond on Sep 6, 05:05
Re: ECG deal: 6 shortlisted