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ECG compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

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Comment: Re: ECG must be in the hand of Goverment

2016-09-14 13:25:25
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ECG must be in the hand of Goverment

My friend don't compare Ghana to the Ivory Coast, in terms of development, take a trip to Abidjan and other citys in the Ivory coast ,Ghana is about 10 years behind. I lived there for 15 years. COTE' D V?I RE is well developed not by the government only but by mainly the private sector .remember government don't create jobs private sector ?o that's why America is strong. Ghanaian people needs more private investers to build our infrastructure such electricity water and sewer. That will stop power outage, water shortage and also flooding Ghanaian people needs more education on this subject.

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cee on Sep 14, 2016 13:25
Re: ECG must be in the hand of Goverment