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ECG compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

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Comment: Allow them to sleep in darkness.

Kwaku Broni
2016-09-14 14:24:27
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ECG Compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

Your Excellency Ambassador Jackson you are truly a good man with good intentions. But why are you the " Good Samaritan" selling this ECG Distribution divestiture or concession as you describe it? Where is the Ghana Goverinment in convincing their citizens that this project is a very good deal for them? The truth is they know a large portion of the electorate do not believe it is a good deal . Right or wrong! It is a bit false to assume the workers are holding the project at random. They are a proxy for a large section of the Ghanaian power consumers, especially the urban electorate . And where is the business community in Ghana who stand to benefit in better power distribution in selling this project? The are factors you may not understand. First is the dependency and big brother mindset of a large section of Ghanaians. They prefer a government entity as an employer and provider of services however inefficient than a private one. Second they did not see any appreciable difference in their lives from previous divestiture programs from Nkrumah GiHOC. A lot of workers lost their jobs. Forget that that industrial development model has collapsed in Russia, China and Eastern Europe where some of the current political elite were trained. There are a lot of Cuban mindset around. Listen to Kwesi Pratt , a so called independent Snr. Journalist on radio always referencing 5 and 7 year development plans of Nkrumah and how excited some have become with the revival of failed state enterprises. There is still a large segment of Ghanaians who believe you can get something for free especially if it is from the government. Free enterprise and surviving based on pulling your own bootstraps is not in the majority. So Chiefs beg for developments projects from politicians in their areas and gifts like SUVs during election years .
My suggestion is that MiDA push this project key decisions forward to 2017 after the elections. The rational mind see this project as good longer term but the timing for final decision may not be right.
Nkrumah said Ghansians would prefer to handle their own affairs than being serfs to foreigners in peace. The good intentions of your government and the American taxpayer notwithstanding , if Ghanaians choose to sleep in darkness, allow them that choice. Long live Ghana and Anerican peoples friendship !!!

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Kwaku Broni on Sep 14, 2016 14:24
Allow them to sleep in darkness.