General News Wed, 14 Sep 2016

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ECG compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

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Comment: Wake Up Ghana

2016-09-14 13:36:46
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Allow them to sleep in darkness.

Typical American Aid, IMF and World Bank "conditionality". Sell your public assets e.g. ECG(real source of revenue from electricity bills for Ghana) to a private company or allow them to "manage" it. All the profits from ECG will be sent back to the country of the private company "managing" ECG. Ghana's current account will get worse because the money will be sent back in scarce forex eg. dollars. We then have to go back to the IMF to beg for a another bailout. This is the vicious cycle Ghana is in. Wake up Ghanaians. List ECG on the Ghana stock exchange for Ghanaians to buy so that the profits can stay in Ghana for our development.

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Kojo on Sep 14, 2016 13:36