The battle remains the Lord's - Nana Akufo Addo

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Comment: Nana is smart

2016-10-10 05:15:36
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The battle remains the Lord's - Nana Akufo Addo

This Nana guy thinks he is smart. In 2012 you claimed the battle is the Lord's. They beat you square you took the battle to the lords of the supreme court. For 8months you held everybody hostage with that frivolous election petition.

2016 you have started again claiming to be David. I hope when humble #JM beat you, you won't run to the courts again.

If you believe the battle is the Lord's, tell Ghanaians plainly that you will accept the results as they are after 7th Dec.

In a related development, your policy coordinator just announced another kind of all die be die when he said the ''Change is a Must.'' If you believe in a democracy you don't use words like a must.

But looking at Nana and #JM, everyone knows who is the David. One is born in a presidential palace. Thinks that the presidency is a birth right. Is proud and arrogant. Insults #JM as incompetent and not fit to be president.
Where as #JM is humble, compassionate, caring, down to earth.
Who God blesses, no one can curse.
#JM working for you #changingLives.

JM they come against you with insults, with arrogance, with beratings, with threats, but surely with you(JM) in the Name of the Lord, they shall collapse and fall. May God bless the President. And protect him from the stones of this wolf David in sheep clothing. #Truth shall win. #hate won't win.

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Yaw on Oct 10, 2016 05:15