General News Sat, 20 May 2017

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Go for 'Father Christmas' US Embassy bills! - Balado urges ECG

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2017-05-20 18:36:10
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Re: Go for 'Father Christmas' US Embassy bills! -

Azaa, let it be known to you that what the Embassy is saying is absolutely right. About 5 years ago, I came to Ghana and my nephew gave me a bill I owed ECG. I proceeded to their office at Kwabenya to settle it and lo and behold, there exist no bill in their books. I have to see one of their Managers and upon strenuous search, he could not come out with any information about my account.

He eventually asked me to go and pay in advance whatever affordable amount I could and he would made sure to send an employee to visit my house to rectify the situation. It took another 8 to 9 months for this small issue to be corrected.

Trust me there are many consumers in this dilemma who are yet to have their accounts established and fulfill their service bills. Some consumers are also presented with outrageous bills which instantly put them off. It is with utmost important for the ECG workers to work diligently to win the consumers trust than their inefficient way of doing things. Enough is enough about their irresponsible attitude towards their work. The slogan of "Aban adwuma" nonsense should be stopped.

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STONER KOBYLYNTON on May 20, 2017 18:36