ECG privatisation useful - IMANI

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Kwabena Yeboah
2017-07-17 12:31:36
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ECG privatisation useful - IMANI

We all remember how NPP under the perfidious JA Kufuor sold Ghana's preeminent Ashanti Goldfields Ltd. to the British Anglogold and went on to Buckingham Palace to celebrate his efforts with the Queen. It this same devious Kufuor's NPP which sold Ghana Telecom to another British Vodafone.

These nation wreckers are back once again, but this time using its IMANI surrogates to look for a pretext to sell ECG. The modus operandi of these nation wreckers is in motion now; in the case of the sale of Ghana's preeminent Ashanti Goldfields Ltd. they tricked the general population into believing it was a merger between two gold mining giants rather than a downright sale. In the case of ECG, these NPP idiots are here again suggesting to Ghanaians the benefits of privatizing only the distribution of electricity citing the successes of Uganda and India (Delhi)

The Americans are in town and they want our ECG and will not relent until they get it. They do not care paying their lackeys, IMANI, huge dollars to produce this quack research not worth the paper it is written on. Ghanaians are educated enough to know you can do a research to back up any outlandish proposals the human mind can think of.

This IMANI nonsense begs the question: what are Ghanaians good for? Are we that useless and so stupid we cannot manage our important institutions such as ECG? Really, what is the Ghanaian really good for that we always want foreigners to meddle in our affairs? If it is not the bloody IMF, then it is the big bad bears, Britain and US

Ghanaians should keep a watchful eyes on these NPP motherfuckers and nation wreckers. They sold our preeminent Ashanti Goldfields Ltd to the British Anglogold convincing us it was a merger, they will sell the ECG to the Americans using the distribution angle.

Oh black Africans!!!

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Kwabena Yeboah on Jul 17, 2017 12:31
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