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Menzgold’s woes won’t have huge impact on financial sector – Economist

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Comment: Menzgold

New Yorker
2018-09-13 10:53:27
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Menzgold’s woes won’t have huge impact on fina

I am curious how the good Prof came to the conclusion that Menzgold so called woes won't have huge impact on the financial sector. Does he know the portfolio size of Menzgold. If he has some concrete information he should share with us. Just throwing out statements without fact not helpful. Second, surely the people who invested in Menzgold took a risk that they are willing to live with. However here is the case where it is a regular that is waking up later in the later to cause problem. What risk or responsibility is the regular taking in this matter. The regular to bear the cost of any losses if anyone is to loss money under this circumstances. A circumstance caused solely by SEC.

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New Yorker on Sep 13, 2018 10:53