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Nduom grateful to BoG, other stakeholders

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Comment: Common Sense

2018-11-20 16:06:36
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Nduom grateful to BoG, other stakeholders

What is important is that you pay your investors their money, especially those whose fixed deposits have matured. If the SEC told you not to invest in fixed deposits way back in April, why did you continue to accept them all the way even up to August? That tells me that you defrauded customers by offering them a product you were not licenced to offer. Your credentials should have been revoked. Which begs the question, why didn't BOG revoke your license? Are they playing party politics? Or are the rules different for different folks. Those who claim Ndoum doesn't take his monies abroad, you are clueless. Why is he trying to open a bank in Chicago? Do you think that is from his personal funds and does not include funds from Gold Coast? Those tasked with auditing etc should follow the money trail and use some common sense.

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Aplus on Nov 20, 2018 16:06