We feared for our workers – Nduom explains GN bank downgrading

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Comment: gn is insolvent

2019-01-09 06:10:43
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We feared for our workers – Nduom explains GN ba

Gn is empty. Ndoum has loan all the bank's deposits to himself. It is suprising he could not raise the minimum capital requirement considering all the customers he has. The man has 1.2 million customers. It should take an average of 333ghs per customer to raise the minimum requirement of 400 million ghs. I know some bank customers including myself who have in excess of thousands of cedis with GN. Where are all these deposits? I heard the amalgated trust fund guys were spooked by his capital adequacy ratio. It simple means, he does not have enough capital to back the loans on his books. He had borrowed almost all depositors money. I am quite sure to himself

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kofi on Jan 9, 06:10