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Ghana, Guinea to cooperate on bauxite industry development

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Comment: Look closely

Kaku K?d?ba
2019-03-20 07:14:25
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Ghana, Guinea to cooperate on bauxite industry dev

Fifty three years ago or there abouts this same endeavour (on a grester scale) was just months away from materialising. At that time many industries had already been created by the State (not through private FDI). The idea of African unity was also alive. Yet a critic of the government of that time, so much so that serious endeavours have been made to erase that glorious part of our history by the current government, is trying exactly the same thing.So It seems laughable that they have to revert to implementing the ideas of Ghana’s greatest ever leader.
Evidence of how these people put Ghana's and indeed Africa's path to development at least half a century behind.

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Kaku K?d?ba on Mar 20, 2019 07:14