Meet Dr. Gabriel Odeh Apotey; newly appointed COO of Upper Manya Kro Rural Bank Limited

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Comment: Fake PhD

2019-04-07 18:17:54
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Meet Dr. Gabriel Odeh Apotey; newly appointed COO

Two PhD's with only four academic publications ? I doubt the credibility of his PhDs,,,,,Or may be the universities in USA where he obtained his PhD degrees are way side unaccredited universities ..Cos in the USA by the time u finish 1 PhD, you would at least publish not less than four articles,,so for him to hv only four articles for two PhD raises suspicion..Also he could mention the names of the journals in which he published work,,,or could it also b that he published in wayside predatory journals ? I hv no doubt of his first degree n masters certificates,,,but his PhDs raises alot of suspicion and they appears fake

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Laud on Apr 7, 18:17