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35 arrested in Krobo PDS riot

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Comment: Re: 35 arrested in Krobo PDS riot

Evil ndc
2019-05-23 13:08:27
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35 arrested in Krobo PDS riot

This is disgraceful to Eastern region how can you use something without paying nonsense, even Volta region where ndc umbilical cord is buried pay their electricity bills how much more Krobos and when did Osagyefo tell them not to pay for electricity they use? are they the only area that the dam affected what about Kwahu lands and some part of the Volta region are they also using electricity for free? what nonsense is that? so does that mean western region don't have to pay for fuel because oil was discovered there is that how to run a nation? no wonder ndc stronghold irresponsibility and indiscipline their hallmark ! how do you prosper with such attitude lawlessness and irresponsibility! ndc is not good for Ghana! what document shows Osagyefo made that law to favour only those people neglecting Kwahus,Volta and some part of Akwamu who were also affected by the dam?
nonsense again ! this stupid lawlessness must STOP IMMEDIATELY! !!! We want our country to move on ,those people are not better than the rest of Ghanaians and they can't draw us back !!!!

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Evil ndc on May 23, 2019 13:08
Re: 35 arrested in Krobo PDS riot