Stop the honour grabbing – UDS lecturer lashes Akufo-Addo over university renaming

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Comment: Dr Adongo uneducated but unaware of it.

Dogo Yaro
2019-06-24 09:12:19
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Universities need retooling and not nami

Kweku you think with better equipments and buildings and a Frafra name on a tertiary institution we can have better education outcomes? Then sharpen your critical thinking skills. No amount of investments in our tertiary institutions can improve the quality of graduates they put out if the lectures are as dumb as this Dr. Adongo? An Economists bragging of producing lawyers? May be his lawyer graduates can give him counsel that Parliament is a good place for stakeholders input on naming national assets after any citizen as the President wants to do? If you NDC nitwits think a name on a tertiary institution is what makes it prominent, then I have a bridge on White Volta to sell to you idiots. Reputation of academic institutions is earned through the hard work of its administrators, professors and lectures and the graduates they matriculates on to this planet. If Dr Adongo is tickling himself of having produced lawyers, may we remind him that the scarce talents and skills we need for the future to develop are technologists - engineers, digital scientists, urban planners and environmentalists? Lawyers we have plenty!

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Dogo Yaro on Jun 24, 2019 09:12
Dr Adongo uneducated but unaware of it.