Akufo-Addo rented private jet to watch UEFA Champions League final in Spain

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Comment: Some Journalist are Full of Rubbish

Concern Citizen
2019-06-25 06:39:12
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Akufo-Addo rented private jet to watch football in

It is confirmed? First of all, where was it confirmed? Secondly, could you cite or state your sources of information to back your claims? I hope the responsible Ghanaians are not falling for this one. I can't understand why Ghanaweb.com is always full of rubbish. The media allows any foolishness to be published on their platform. It is really absurd to read about all these fake news on Ghanaweb.com. I just hope Ghanaians are not buying these kind of news.
I'm not leaving in Ghana, but I'm quite sure the president is doing whatever possible to put the country back on track in terms of finances and good governance. It is really heart breaking to realize how much people from opposing parties lie about the government just to be able to kick him out of the seat of the presidency for their party to take over. Where is the love you people have for your country? It is very obvious that in Ghana, the phrase "everyone for himself, God for us all" really works. People in governance, especially the opposition party (NDC) really care less about the country, and they are doing whatever they can to kick the president out by implementing dubious and catastrophic acts that could harm the citizens just to tarnish the name of the Akuffo-Addo government. I ask again, do you people love your country? Do you want the country to step in the right direction for the people to enjoy the fruits of the land, or do you want goodies just for you and your immediate family and the rest of the citizens suffer? You people (NDC party members) are the greediest and the most nonsensical citizens of Ghana.
I tell you what, whether you like it or not, we would back the president up with powerful prayers for God's purpose and intent for the country to materialize. The Lord put the president there for a good purpose that would benefit the entire citizens of Ghana and the generations to come. Therefore, stop all these rubbish and false nonsensical publications about the president because the man have the country at heart.

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Some Journalist are Full of Rubbish
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