Akufo-Addo rented private jet to watch UEFA Champions League final in Spain

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2019-06-25 14:05:37
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Akufo-Addo rented private jet to watch football in

Do what Larry Dogbe, did he use money from your home town?sometimes you people must look back to yourselves snd ask how much you contribute to Ghana! we can't allow you ayigbe people to hold Akzns accountable when you don't produce nothing but create loot and share! Fiifi Kwettey a Togolese was in Ghana in 2007 all out making propaganda about Papa Kuffuor an Ashanti where Ghana's gold reserve was coming from and we relied on Oboasi for our Gold and this Togolese was holding him accountable like he had taking Gold from Togo ! Larry Dogbe at least Eastern region has gold, diamknd, bauxite, cocoa, timber and foodstuffs what us your problem? even you with nothing we had Fiifi Kwettey going to the UK for tuition every week where did he get those monies from? would he be able to do that in his home country Togo? if anything at all you are not the best to ask an Akan for accountability? where did Woyome get those money? Dzifa Ativor,Sedenam Tamakloe, Ablakwah etc even Ablakwa who never worked hired a plane for his wedding and what did you say about that, you are irritants! If your money was used by the President of the republic of Ghana to hire that plane send him to court why here?don't you know where the courts are? nation wreckers, anti-Ghana pathetic creatures, hate and jealousy has no answer to your problems but will rather destroy you ! the more you hate,the more we get stronger and stronger ! ndc will rot in opposition!

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Re: Akufo-Addo rented private jet to watch footbal
God blesd you on Jun 27, 2019 15:47