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PDS Suspension: Was Ken Ofori-Atta asleep? - Dr Kwabena Donkor asks

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Comment: Akufo is shameful, disgraceful to Africa

2019-08-01 15:26:37
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Where Is Kaiser Alamisi Amidu?

Akufo Addo is disgraceful president ever!
Folks, I seek your indulgence to digress from the marble on the table
i wish to give you the reason behind Nana Akufool Addo's actions to terrorized his critics, is to kill the gargantuan scandal behind Ameri- Energy deal, AGM oil contracts that was supposed to fetch Ghana 68%. Ghanaians could remembered the circumstances prior to the expulsion of NPP elected executive ,Paul Afoko and kwabena Agyapong, chairman and secretary respectively. The Duo accused then candidates Nana Akufool Addo alias akyem dwarf Rebel leader, war monger of stealing party money with the connivance of then treasurer Abbankwa and Freddie Blay. As this case was gathering storm, Nana Akufool Addo quickly embarked on
a national tour with all kind of manner and violence pronouncement All Die- Be -Die
just to divert attention from such a gargantuan scandal which could have derailed his presidential ambitions. So in a similar fashion , both the president and his vice felt uncomfortable when the AGM oil contract scandal broke. A contract that was supposed to have fetched Ghana maximum return on our oil from 68% to poultry 8%. No journalists challenged neither the president nor the vice president on this issue. Shame on office of special prosecutor Martin Amidu for keeping quiet on this gargantuan criminals. how can Akufo Addo the president of the Republic of Ghana sign a deal and when we raised alarms, he made U turn and said he never read the contract before signing them?? even SHS student would never do that. shameful government indeed. Ghanaians will raise up one bright day to demand accountability from this demons and vampires!

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REBECCA on Aug 1, 15:26
Akufo is shameful, disgraceful to Africa