PDS scandal: Both NPP and NDC must be blamed – KNUST Lecturer

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Comment: This lecturer is very ignorant

2019-08-12 22:59:31
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PDS scandal: Both NPP and NDC must be blamed – K

This lecturer is ignorant. The Americans ate bringing free grant of over $500 million to improve the power sector and letting the private sector get involved in the power distribution for efficiency is their condition. All that was required was the private sector involvement to be done genuinely in a ghana-first attitude but the NPP only saw it as an opportunity to make easy money for the family and friends of the president. The money the Americans are bringing is for Ghana and not for corrupt politicians. Had the NPP not been so greedy, PDS would have passed the test to encourage the inflow of the American money. Remember this is actually Compact 2 which is following after Compact 1 in which American money was used to construct the N1 highway and other projects under previous governments without any scandal. Had the previous governments been as greedy and corrupt as the present NPP government Compact 1 would not have been accomplished without any scandal.

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Yao on Aug 12, 2019 22:59
This lecturer is very ignorant