PDS cleared of wrongdoing

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Comment: Stupid president and shithole ministers

2019-09-05 19:58:17
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Mahama We Are EXTREMELY Sorry

Oyiwa oyiwaoooooooo
Hahaha oh Nana addo the super incompetent clearing agent. In fact we all predicted that PDS will be cleared. So All those who bought shares without paying a peswa and are using ECGs own money to purchase their respective shares also dino wrong. Eiii Ghana. Since we are in a democratic era there is nothing we can do and that is the sad part. So we will wait patiently for 2020 to kick this super corrupt and shameful president and his gang of thieves out of power. We want the president to know that we the citizens are not as stupid fools as himself, his stupid ministers and council members and we are extremely angry of this daylight robbery.

We will make sure we take back every penny from Andrew Agyapa and his gang come 2020. We will chase this government out. Thieves. Kwaasiafuor juloi fiafitor goats


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Don on Sep 5, 19:58
Stupid president and shithole ministers