Politics Tue, 10 Sep 2019

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PDS scandal not leaving us anytime soon - Asiedu Nketia

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Comment: SHUT UP! YOU BUI DAM THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!

2019-09-10 21:28:13
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PDS scandal not leaving us anytime soon - Asiedu N

AUTHOR: PERIOD ----- Mahama has no message, no ideas, no vision, nothing for Ghana and Ghana has rejected his NDC party, finished. Those Hawks, Mambas, Azorka groups cannot bring him anywhere close and near to the Presidency. It is what it is. Ghana has retired him, period. NDC must now begin the process of making their party attractive in the future to win democratic elections based on a contest of ideas not assassinations, kidnappings, killings, violence, insults, danger to opponents within their party and outside of it. Mahama's chapter is closed in Ghana and Africa.

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