Business News Sat, 21 Sep 2019

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Government halts payments to IPPs, GSs

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Comment: Re: Government halts payments to IPPs, GSs

Nii Armah Kommey
2019-09-21 13:19:49
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Government halts payments to IPPs, GSs

Hmmmmm I read some articles as this and all I see is STUPIDITY in plane language. Where is the ESLA. something that is suppose to make sure money is saved well enough and in advance to pay off all debt that had been incurred and standing on the books and what would be incurred in the future so that in actual fact there would be no such case of indebtedness. In Anycase why is anybody talking about being indebted to anybody when we the consumer prepay for the light we use? Hmmmm this is what happens when brainless thieves are at the helm of affairs. People who feel they have to be there by hook or crook because their forebears were there fraudulently. God is watching, people must definitely go to jail for this.

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