Politics Mon, 21 Oct 2019

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NDC holds presser on govt’s cancellation of PDS concession

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2019-10-21 05:40:46
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NDC holds presser on govt’s cancellation of PDS

The fundamental question NDC must address is whether in accepting a foreign government's order to hand over the ECG, the heart and soul of our economy and well-being, to buccaneers for 25 years, they acted in the interest of the people of Ghana?
The NDC were actuated by self-interest but we're out- played by NPP. The Press Conference would be relevant if it is to demand a return of the assets Ghanaians have painstakingly developed over 70 years. The political leaders want to tell us that in selling off state assets cheaply they are admitting they cannot manage state institutions. Ghanaians have a right to demand that we sell off the two alternate ruling parties to foreign interests. We could do without their greed and insatiable demands for cheap cut- backs from foreigners who are not intellectually or managerially superior to Ghanaians. Shatta Wale said it all; the NDC and NPP must give way to a nationalistic and committed government. As if the NDC party is full of saints!

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NUKONUKO on Oct 21, 2019 05:40