Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

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Comment: You were on Pluto

Kwadwo Nkansah
2019-11-12 09:41:47
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Kufour warned us against Akufo-Addo

Kufuor the superthief? They're very much the same. Nana Addo is just tearing a page from Kufuor. How many cocaine scandals, kickback situations, hotels snatchings, wife snatchings, nepotism etc. haven't rocked Kufuor's administration?

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Kwadwo Nkansah on Nov 12, 2019 09:41
You were on Pluto
More money on Nov 12, 2019 07:46
ALITOPITO on Nov 12, 2019 12:30
akuffo addo empty head on Nov 12, 2019 13:00
Asing Roby on Nov 12, 2019 23:52