Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

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Comment: Re: Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

Sarfo Bediako
2019-11-12 10:50:31
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Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

Akuffool addo lied to power after years of wallowing in opposition. But he and his NPPIGS didn't learn any lesson from their experience in opposition. They are looting the treasury in any available opportunity and continue to lie to cover up their evil deeds. They are using propaganda to cover up their criminality and corruption and blame it on President Mahama even almost 4years in power. They think that the floating voters will remain fools like they fooled them with unrealistic and unfounded promises in 2016. They have have forgotten that the floating voters who had been voting against him have already regretted giving them the chance to try them. Akuffool addo and his NPPIGS are now going to opposition perpetually in 2020 and beyond because no floating voter will ever believe in their lies.

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Re: Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes
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