Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

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2019-11-12 16:46:05
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Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

This is the worst Ghana looters, corruption and fraudstering administration ever in Ghana's history! Their truck record is clear about it. Started from Nana's uncle's era down to koffour, then now the dwarf himself. They are full of monsters and that's what Ghanaians are experiencing now. They came to mob Ghana and not to govern Ghana, exactly what they are doing. The educated Ghanaians should wise up for good of Ghana and stop following blatant lies. What has the NPP did for the 3years in power? When they told us Ghanaians are sitting on money and they came and Ghana doesn't have the money again who stole the money, NPP? Without giving Ghanaians anything except traffic light free shs. Shameless, shameful individuals. God will punish these people brutally in Jesus name Amen!

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Re: Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes
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