26 ID1F ready for operation

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Comment: Stupid animals

Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz.
2020-01-31 21:20:53
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Before these animals finish ruling Ghana, 90% of the population will become illiterate. These animals told us the 1D1F will be private sector led and driven. Before we could say Jack, these clueless animals have hijacked it ridiculously. If you have a company or a factory, they will approach you and say they want to make it 1D1F. If you refuse, they will collapse the factory and unleash their thugs on you. We all thought it will lead to industrialization of the country and we will earn a lot of foreign exchange. Clueless as they are, they have given the factories to their family and friends with tax breaks. You heard today that the evil dwarf has given a tax break to his brother in law to the tune of ghc137.5 billion. No doubt our fundamentals are weak and the almighty dollar has exposed them. Actually their original meaning of 1D1F is one day one fraud.

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Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz. on Jan 31, 2020 21:20