Coronavirus: GWCL suspends ‘house to house’ meter readings

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Comment: Think and use smart approach.

2020-03-27 10:37:21
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Coronavirus: GWCL suspends ‘house to house’ me

I think they should use different methods of reading meter on a daily basis. We are wasting productive people's skills and abilities to just walking long distances to read numbers. What do they contribute or benefits in terms of skills and personal growth. GWCL should rather design a simple database of all its meters and associated addresses. Each meter should be read continuously for three months after which average values are recorded and charged accordingly. Then the recorded values are charged accordingly to be paid every month for 12months. No more monthly readings. Customers are then ask to pay for same amount every month for 12 months. In the 12th month, one reading is done to compare the earlier reading. Depending on the values either less or more the differences are calculated and charged. if more you increase the monthly payment of the client not to pay at a go and if less you reduce the monthly payment of the client. then we develop other work for those young people wasting their valued skills in walking every day to use smart tech to detect illegal connections and other productive areas. If you have poor leaders managing institutions, there is no growth only complains and dispel.

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