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Current nature of crime requires more complex, specialised police officers – COP Awini

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Fri, 16 Sep 2022 Source:

The Director-General of the Nation Patrol Department of the Ghana Police, COP Paul Manly Awini, has stated that the current crime trends in the country have caused the need for more complex police officers.

Speaking at the passing out ceremony for new police recruits, COP Awini said that police officers now need skills that will put them in the position to fight complex crimes like terrorism and cyber security.

“Emerging crimes, terrorism, cyber-related crimes, modern policing challenges and changes in the modus operandi of criminals are some of the issues that confront the Ghana Police Service, day in and day out.

“These translate into increase demand on the personnel of the Ghana Police Service to deliver services that are more diverse, complex, skilled and specialised in other to deal with current crime trends.

“It is to raise a Police Service of a well class standard that is all time ready with the requite knowledge and the skill set needed to effectively deal with any challenge likely to distribute the peace and tranquillity of the state,” he said,

The director-general said that the leaders of the police have put measure in place, including the introduction of more practical training to ensure that police officers get the requisite skills.

He added that this practical training equips police with modern policing skills to deal with crime and criminals.

Watch videos from the passing out ceremony below:


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