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Ghana making way for terrorists – Islamic Human Right Foundation

The Islamic Human Right Foundation Ghana, (IHFG) believes the state of lawlessness which has befallen the country with criminals breaking into police establishments and gunning them down, makes the country a fertile ground for terrorists to take undue advantage to strike.

“Terrorists all the time want a state of insecurity for them to be able to establish their camps. If you don’t take care, they will now establish their camp in Ghana”. Mr. Yunus Swalahudee Wakpenjo, Executive Director of IHFG, told Kumasi FM in the Ashanti Regional capital on Tuesday.

Earlier last year, insecurity arose as a result of vigilantism involving pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) which virtually became a daily affair.

On many occasions, the Delta and Invincible Forces of the ruling Party NPP vandalized properties of state installations and later attacked a law court in Kumasi.

Most people have condemned their actions blaming the Nana Addo led government for giving them the mandate to do that.


Insecurity Ghana this year has taken a different dimension as criminals have targeted security men both the army and the police where about four police and army officers were shot dead leaving others injured by alleged Fulani herdsmen and unknown gunmen.

Another policeman was shot dead at a police station in Kwabenya last weekend by suspected gunmen who later freed six other members in police custody.

However, Mr. Yunus argued that the cause of insecurity is as a result of the manner in which, recruitment into the security agencies in the country has from the onset been politicized.

“Let’s look at the procedure in which people are enlisted into the security agencies. Today constituency executives are now doing the recruitment”. He alleged.

“People are enlisted on partisan political lines both the NDC and the NPP”. He claimed


Mr. Yunus therefore urged all Ghanaians to speak against the menace. “If we all don’t wake up and speak against these things while the police and soldiers are being shot dead haphazardly, it means terrorists can now establish their camps in Ghana”. He warned.

“No human being should die on the account of anybody’s carelessness. Should any security personnel think he/she is not capable of performing his/her function, he must resign for the country to develop”, he advised

He also revealed that, the porous state of Ghana’s borders is likely to allow criminals to troop into the country to create chaos and insecurity chastising the media for helping the public to develop the love for political parties instead of discussing important issues on national development.

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