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Jubilee House officer not a robber; he was nearly lynched mistakenly – Police

The Police Service has refuted reports that an officer with the Jubilee House Operations Team has been arrested for being part of robbery incidents in the East Legon area in Accra.

The officer, Issah Muniru, was arrested after he was almost lynched by some irate persons last Sunday.

The police in a statement described media reports conveying such claims as “erroneous information.” The said robbery took place at East Legon on June 24, 2018, and it was reported that Issah Muniru was involved.

But police investigations have revealed that though he was in the area, he was going to attend a musical show in East Legon with some friends at a place called Kikibees.

“After preliminary investigations had established the fact that the suspects were not involved in any robbery as suspected by the person who blew the alarm, the suspects were released for investigations to continue.”


“The three, en route to Kikibees, made frequent enquiries on the way in a bid to get there. When making one such enquiry, a passerby suspected them to be robbers, as a result of frequent robberies incidents recorded in the area.”

The passerby raised an alarm leading to others persons in the area almost lynching Issah Muniru and his friends.

It took the intervention of the police to save them.

Find below the full police statement

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