Paga Police command educates Muslim community on terrorism

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Tue, 5 Jul 2022 Source: GNA

The District Commander of Paga Police Station, Superintendent Charles Ahiamale has held a sensitisation programme on terrorism for the Muslim Community at the Paga Central Mosque.

The Community was taken through the definition of terrorism, its historical background in the world and especially Africa, terrorism in modern times and the risks associated.

Commander Ahiamale briefed them on the need for them to be aware of the threats of terrorism by urging them to be on the lookout for suspected terrorists in their communities and report people of questionable and suspicious characters to the security for prompt action.

The Commander enlightened the members of the Muslim group on the perception that terrorists were people dressed up in long dresses with caps and wearing long bearded faces.

He said terrorism had long changed shape and form, where local people were recruited across the world including Africa due to unemployment issues and trained them to execute negative acts.

Commander Ahiamale cited incidents which took place in Togo where more than 11 officers were neutralized in June, 2022, then Po in Burkina, where a group of violent extremists were raided by the military killing six including a civilian.

He added that on 30/06/2022 terrorists blasted a major bridge at Kaya in Burkina with bombs creating devastation, pain and fear in the people in that country and urged them to be security conscious to help the Ghanaian security deal with terrorism in an appropriate manner.

He explained that the Upper East Region was the nearest neighbour to Burkina and could possibly stand the risk of terrorists crossing the border into Ghana.

He gave Police emergency numbers including his personal phone number to the congregants for them to easily call in times of emergencies for prompt response.

The Muslim Community was full of praise to the Commander for the early information and awareness creation extended to their place of worship and the contact numbers given them to reach out to the security during emergencies for prompt action and pledged to cooperate with the National security to help fight terrorism in Upper East Region.

Source: GNA
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