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Police begin probe into assault of woman by officer

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The police administration is investigating the assault of a nursing mother by one of its officers on guard duty at a Midland Savings and Loans branch.

In the video, the police officer, who was armed with an assault rifle, is seen striking the woman, who was holding her baby, multiple times on the head, first with an umbrella, and then with his fists.

The officer, identified as Frederick Amanor, also attempts to violently drag her out of the building.

The Director of Police Public Affairs, DSP Sheila Aberquaye Buckman, said they have started processes to identify and subsequently punish the officer.

The woman was holding on to the baby while the officers kicked and shoved her around.


Another man, also captured in the video, was seen, trying to take the baby from the woman.

Reports say the woman had entered the Midland Savings and Loan banking hall after transaction hours to withdraw some money.

The officer, who was supposed to walk her out, assaulted her in the process.

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