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Police vow to clamp down on criminals despite allegations of killing suspect

The Accra Region Police has said it is unshaken in its resolve to fighting crime in the country despite recent accusations of killing a man at Agbogba in Accra during a raid of the area.

Accra Regional Police Director General in charge of Operations Chief Superintendent Kwasi Fori has vowed to clamp down on criminal activities in whichever form.

“We want to state emphatically that we are on top of our job and we are doing everything possible to protect everybody.

“Also, we are committed to fighting crime of all forms; violent crimes like robberies and its ilk will be dealt with accordingly,” he told Joy News’ Komla Adom.

He said Accra has been peaceful for some time but for some few isolated incidents and areas like East Legon, Oyibi, Agbogba, Oyarifa and Frafraha which are now enjoying the peace they deserve.


Last week Monday the police shot and killed Emmanuel Amofa, 27, at Agbogba whom they describe as an armed robber who attempted to resist arrest.

While the police maintain he was one of three suspected robbers apprehended at a pub in the area, family of the deceased have disputed the claims calling on the police to accept they shot a wrong man.

Responding to the claims, Accra Regional Police PRO, DSP Afia Tenge, said the deceased struggled with the operational men who managed to demobilize him.

Amofa sustained gunshot wounds in the process and was rushed to the hospital. He passed on before they got to the hospital, she said.

DSP Tenge discounted claims that the deceased died because of the cruelty of the officers carrying him to the hospital.


Supt Fori said residents have nothing to fear about armed robbers as he says the police have a tactical operational plan in place to give criminals a run for their money.

“We will do whatever we can to allow decent people of this country to live in peace,” he said.

Accra Regional Police Director General in charge of Operations added that they will continue to be on the ground and pleaded with the general public to support them with constant reports of criminal activities in their areas.

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