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Sentencing of Kwabenya jailbreak suspect adjourned

An Accra Circuit Court has adjourned the sentencing of one of the suspects who raided the Kwabenya Police station 0n January 21, 2018.

The court adjourned the case due to the overcrowding of the courtroom as a result of new cases that had been brought there.

The jail-breaker has already pleaded guilty, paving the way for the sentencing.

The rest of the accused persons, numbering nine, are still standing trial as they have pleaded not guilty to the charges of possession of firearms without authority, abetment to possessing firearms without lawful authority, conspiracy to commit crime, to wit; escape from lawful custody, and abetment to escape from lawful custody, all of which are contrary to section 23, 226(C) and 20(1) of the Criminal and Other Offences Act (Act 29).



A gang of suspected armed robbers attacked the Kwabenya District Police Headquarters, which accommodates the Kwabenya Police Station, killing the officer on duty, and freeing cell inmates.

Seven inmates escaped, but four of them were rearrested.

Two of the escapees were jailed 30 months after they pleaded guilty to conspiracy to escape from lawful custody, and escaping from lawful custody.

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