Woman remanded for giving false testimony

Alhassan Osman, 88.jpeg Alhassan Osman, husband of Rebecca Pokuah

Fri, 20 May 2022 Source: crimecheckghana.org

41-year-old Rebecca Pokuah is in the grips of the law for her conflicting testimonies in court on the alleged murderers of a neighbor.

Her husband, Alhassan Osman, 37 has been having sleepless nights in his efforts to get her defense to rescue her after the Amasaman District Court remanded her into police custody.

According to Osman, police picked up his wife for interrogation when she accused the deceased’s son and his girlfriend of the alleged assailants.

In a blow-by-blow account during an interview with Crime Check TV GH on how events unfolded, Mr. Osman said his wife had attended the one-week celebration of the passing of the deceased where she got drunk.

During that moment when he had gone to pick her up, he said a lady complained of her missing mobile phone and people started accusing his wife of stealing the device.

Mr. Osman said since his wife was drunk she could have mistakenly taken it so he allowed them to search her.

But amidst the search, he said Rebecca got upset and alleged that the son of the deceased and his girlfriend masterminded the death of the deceased.

“All efforts to get her to shut up and for people at the grounds to ignore her proved futile. She continued saying it till the family of the deceased took interest in what she was saying. They stopped the search and rather paid attention to her allegations because they had long suspected the lovers,” he said.

The worried man said as his wife made the allegation attracting the attention of the public, the son of the deceased tried to wrestle with him whiles denying the allegation.

Mr. Osman said the issue got intense when the family of the deceased invited the police who whisked away from his wife and the deceased’s son and his lover.

“Initially I was told I could bail Rebecca but later a new investigator handling the case told me the family of the deceased wants her to be arraigned before the court so they could no longer grant her bail. The deceased’s son, his lover, and Rebecca were kept in one cell,” he said.

As much as Rebecca’s allegation could not be substantiated, Mr. Osman said his wife had some time ago informed him of how the deceased son’s girlfriend discussed with her, her decision to smother the deceased to death when he was alive.

He also recounted how the deceased’s son told him how his dad was shot and butchered to death but he did not know the assailants.

“Some time ago Rebecca went to stay with the family of the deceased in his house when he was alive. It was during that period she said the deceased’s son’s lover told her how the deceased was tormenting her in the house and her intentions of smothering him to death.

“Sometime later on noticing a state of mourning in the deceased’s house, I asked his son what could have killed him when I met him after I had closed from work. He told me his dad was shot and butchered,” he narrated.

He said Rebecca told him that whiles in the cell, the deceased son’s girlfriend pleaded with her not to tell the court the discussion she had with her on how she had planned to smother the deceased.

Rebecca, Mr. Osman said agreed and dropped the allegation against the lovers and told the court she acted under the influence of alcohol.

However, the deceased son’s girlfriend testified against Rebecca when she appeared in court accusing her of stealing the mobile phone that got missing during the deceased’s one-week celebration.

Mr. Osman said since his wife was arraigned before court, he has not been able to hire the services of a lawyer to defend her.

The court has remanded Rebecca into police custody when she appeared before it subsequently to reappear on May 24.

Source: crimecheckghana.org