A worker threatened to curse me after firing him - Canada-based Ghanaian reveals

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Wed, 23 Mar 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

Canada-based Ghanaian, Samuel Boateng, has disclosed that he bought about four cars and registered them for a ride-hailing business but he sold the cars at a low cost because the drivers were dishonest.

In an interview on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ Samuel revealed that he had previously set up businesses in Ghana, but they all failed due to the working behaviours. According to Samuel, a driver threatened to curse him after taking back the cars.

“I set up an Uber business and a tricycle business. I bought about four cars, and right after I left Ghana, he never sent the money. All he had to do was send me the money weekly.

"So I took the cars and sold them cheap. The driver told me that he would curse me. There is no truth when it comes doing business with some Ghanaians,” he said.

Moreover, Samuel bought 600 acres of land for farming in Anyinam. However, the chief sold the land to gold miners.

“I call the chief every day to return my money, but he keeps telling me he is ill. I involved the police, and they said I’d have to send them money for fuel first,” Samuel told DJ Nyaami.

In response to whether he will establish another business in Ghana, Samuel said that “even if you give me land for free, I won’t do it.”

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Source: SVTV Africa