Anyone who discourages you from traveling abroad is wicked - Germany based Ghanaian

Joshua Prince Amu,,.png Joshua Prince Amu and host of the interview

Wed, 30 Mar 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

Ghanaian student in Germany, Joshua Prince Amu, has stated that ‘borgas’ who often discourage people from traveling abroad to work is wrong.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Joshua questioned Ghanaians abroad on why they still live and work if life outside Ghana is as hard as they claim.

The host of ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ DJ Nyaami, asked Joshua to advise young Ghanaians who wish to travel for education or work on what to do.

“Firstly, anyone who tells you that life abroad is a difficult one is wicked. If abroad was difficult, then why are they still here?

What are they doing here?”

"The only struggle is papers. So if you come legally, you can look for a job. If it is education, you can work on the side to pay your tuition. It is doable.”

Joshua also mentioned that the Ghanaian educational system may be robust but needs improvements to meet international standards.

“Every smart student in Ghana must be a medical doctor, but it should not be so. Meanwhile, they could be engineers, etc. There are also some benefits that students enjoy here,” he added.

Source: SVTV Africa
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