Diasporian News Sat, 31 Aug 2013

Congratulatory message from NDC USA

The NDC USA congratulates President John Dramani Mahama, the NDC party's leadership and supporters and; the good people of Ghana for the patience and maturity demonstrated during the period after the elections of 2012, as all witnessed challenges of the electoral results from NPP's Presidential flag bearer Nana Akuffo Addo.

We of the NDC USA have always known that the NDC and President Mahama did win an elections which was free and fair ,

We applaud the President for his enduring leadership in the various political and legal challenges he has prevailed over since resuming office.

President Mahama's dignified posture and bearing in the face of the challenges he has overcome since he became President is akin to dignified composure the people of Ghana who have also maintained in the face of the challenges the nation has endured.

President Mahama has at every turn demonstrated that he and NDC put Ghana first and above all else.

The NDC USA is proud of Ghana's Supreme Court for the professional manner in which the election petition was handled.

This case has exhibited to the world clearly, that Ghana is peaceful and democratic country where the rule of law, respect peace and order holds sway and underpin a stable and enduring democracy.

We are also encouraged by the seriousness exhibited by the NDC party its as a whole, in their vigorous defense of the people's will and their leadership as has been evident in their support for President John Dramani Mahama and Ghana's constitutional democracy.

It is our fervent prayers that the unity that prevails in the country and in the NDC party in particular, will be the corner stone to move our young democracy to great heights. We are of the belief that our representative democracy through vibrant political parties will help forge ideologies useful in helping to bring development to our dear country.As this case has shown Ghanaians will always choose a path of progress and will dissuade and avoid the use of political differences a tool to bring chaos disunity and destructiveness to our dear country Ghana.

>> Once again, the Supreme Court has reiterated the will of the people with an overwhelming majority endorsement of the legitimacy of the electoral victory of President Mahama,

The days following the President's victory has been filled incidents which have been provocative, malicious, and have been attempts at undermining of his legitimacy and leadership . Indeed, it has been sad, painful and heart wrenching to see Ghanaians dragged through over eight months of political legal battle. Notwithstanding this, Ghanaians with unified spirit have proudly comported themselves and exhibited our rich values of understanding and exhibiting of love for one another.

NDC USA wishes to reiterate its congratulations and admiration for the country's highest court for their professional and unbiased way the proceedings and ruling was conducted. We encourage both winners and losers to observe peace and harmony taking into account the outpouring of goodwill by Ghanaians both in the homeland and in the diaspora for their good behavior which goes to attest to the benign influence of our nature as Ghanaians.

>> Now we can continue to build our country through the able leadership of our President.

>> As a result of our collective maturity, grace and thoughtfulness Ghana continues to be recognized as a stable democracy and a gateway for safe foreign investment to subsaharan Africa It is our fervent hope and prayer that, the coming months will be a period where all Ghanaians will return to work for >> Charles Kpodzo >> Signed >> NDC-USA Secretary
Source: NDC USA