Don't leave your jobs in Ghana and come to America - Ghanaian American Business Mogul

GH American Based Businesman,, Alex Kojo Asamoah, Businessman and host during an interview

Thu, 4 Nov 2021 Source: Williams Ntiamoah, Contributor

America they say is the land of dreams. For this reason, many African youths want to leave their countries to seek greener pastures in America.

A Ghanaian American Business mogul has cautioned people not to leave their jobs in Ghana or any part of the world for America or any other country.

Mr. Alex Kojo Asamoah, the CEO of American-based Transportation company Precise Mobility Solutions in an interview with Ntiamoah Williams called on everyone to reconsider their decision and quest to travel abroad if they have a comfortable job doing which puts food on their table.

The successful business mogul did not deny the opportunities available in America but he says, these opportunities are not easily accessible as it's made to believe. It takes lots of hard work and possible isolation to be successful.

He however believes those that have no jobs in Ghana or any African country can travel to seek greener pastures.

He used his life story as an example and admits there are more opportunities in America for hardworking people.

Watch interview below

Source: Williams Ntiamoah, Contributor
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