Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer tells the story of how he got to work with Kanye

STV Interview With Grammy Nominated Ghanaian Producer STV interview with Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer

Sat, 9 Apr 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer tells the story of how he got to work with Kanye, Drake, Nas

Two-time Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer, Nana Benyin has exclusively shared a story of how he produced music for award-winning artistes like Drake, Kanye, Nas, etc.

In an exclusive interview for ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ Nabeyin indicated that a friend introduced him to a Grammy producer, Nizzy. They worked for a while.

“He was working on a song for another artist and needed melody ideas. I sent four different melody ideas, but I hear nothing about them. I was in Norway with KG performing with Stonebwoy. I get a call, and Nizzy is like we got one on Drake’s album.

I told him he was lying because there is no way I got one this early in my career. When I heard the song, I just lost my mind. It was a crazy feeling,” he narrated.

Moreover, Nabeyin also mentioned working with Grammy award-winning rapper, Kanye West. According to Nabeyin, his laptop was stolen and he began working on new music with Nizzy.

“Three years later, I get a call from Nizzy, and he’s playing me the song, and it’s one of the melody ideas we worked on. I hear a voice on it…and it’s Kanye, featuring Travis Scott. If my laptop was never stolen, we would not have created that idea,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Speaking about how the collaboration between himself and Nas, Nabeyin explained that he produced a beat for Hit-boy. Then, Hit-boy put Nas on the song later.

In the chat, he spoke about coming to Ghana next month and hoping to work with Sarkodie, Black Sherrif, and others. He added that he has ideas for the ‘Second Sermon' hitmaker.

Source: SVTV Africa