I acted like a 'mad man' to avoid immigration check at a France border - UK-based Ghanaian

Svtv, Kweku Badu Kweku Badu, MC and host of the interview

Tue, 14 Dec 2021 Source: SVTV Africa, Contributor

Ghanaian broadcaster and MC based in the UK, Kweku Badu has disclosed that he had to disguise himself as a mad man to avoid deportation from France to Italy.

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, Kweku revealed that he had sought asylum upon his arrival in Italy. However, life became difficult and he had to sleep on the streets for over three months before an aunt came to his rescue.

“My aunt took my contact from my parents and had been calling but she couldn't get to me. When she finally did, I told her about my situation and she offered to help me but I would have to come by myself. What I did was board the train to Paris but I had no documents so I put an ‘out of order’ sign on the washroom door and stayed there till we got to Paris".

"It's a long journey of about 12 hours. When we arrived, they announced it and we got out. While we were in line to be checked by immigration, I faked a phone call and started throwing my stuff away. I acted like a mad man and got through without being checked,” he told the host of Daily Hustle in the UK, DJ Nyaami.

Presently, Kweku lives in Manchester with his family after 12 years of staying in France. He mentioned that life in France was better off than in Italy because his aunt helped him secure a job a day after he arrived.

Kweku also spoke about his decision to move to the UK despite the life he had built for himself in France.

According to him, “it has always been a dream to live in the UK. Back when we used to watch ‘greetings from abroad’ as a child. I would tell my family that I will go there one day just to greet them.”

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Source: SVTV Africa, Contributor
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