I lost interest in journalism because some are underpaid, lack training - Ghanaian in China

King Asare .png China-based Ghanaian King Asare

Thu, 24 Mar 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

China-based Ghanaian King Asare has reported that he left for China after his national service because he had lost interest in the journalism career.

In a chat on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide’ with DJ Nyaami, Asare indicated that while in the Ghana Institute of Journalism, he realized that journalists are underpaid. Moreover, most of the practitioners are not qualified.

“After school, I realized that I wasn't fascinated with journalism anymore due to a few things that were going on. I had always wanted to be a journalist, but the way I perceived the career is not what it was.

“You need proper training to be called a journalist, but anyone who gets the opportunity to be on the radio calls themselves a journalist. Journalism is now about sensationalism. I lost interest in it and left after my service,” he said.

He added that entry-level journalists are either underpaid or work for free. According to King, the reality of the job discouraged him from working journalist full time.

A year after completing the national service, he applied to study International relations in China in 2014. King Asare also spoke about education, work, and life as a foreigner in China.

Source: SVTV Africa