I spent almost GHC2,000 every three days while in Ghana for 5 months - UK based Ghanaian

 Us Based Svtv Kwadwo Adomako, Northampton-based Ghanaian Water Sampler and host of the interview

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 Source: SVTV Africa

Northampton-based Ghanaian Water Sampler, Kwadwo Adomako has indicated that whenever he had to go out with friends, he would spend about Ghs2,000 within three days.

In an interview on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Kwadwo stated that on some occasions, he had to call a relative in the UK to send him money because the expenses were too much.

“I didn't go to show off but anytime, I plan to go out I spend more than I’d have spent here. I spent five months in Ghana and anytime I go out, it's with my friends so I normally spent 2,000 cedis.

I didn't focus on the money I went with because if you do, you won't stay for a month,” he said on Daily hustle in the UK.

Kwadwo added that his relatives in the UK thought something had happened to him due to the frequent money request.

“They asked if something had happened to me because of how often I asked for money. But I told them it's because of how the system in Ghana is.

I can't tell how much I spent but I would say I used up 500 pounds (Ghs4,095) every month,” he shared.

Source: SVTV Africa
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