Man expresses regret after leaving teaching job in South Africa for the USA

Donkor 11.png Asubonten Donkor and host of the interview

Wed, 30 Mar 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

USA-based Ghanaian, Asubonten Donkor has expressed regret after quitting his well-paid teaching job and migrating to the USA.

In an interview on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide’ on SVTV Africa, Donkor indicated that he migrated to the USA after ten years of teaching in a South African high school.

According to Donkor, despite being worshipped in the school, many Ghanaians infiltrated the teaching space with fake certificates.

“As a result, many qualified teachers were affected, and the school maintained some untrained teachers instead. Even though I was qualified, some of the Ghanaians were selling their colleagues out."

"Even though I wasn’t affected, my motive was to leave for either the USA or Australia,”

Speaking on why he regretted his move to the USA, the former departmental head revealed that the feeling of regrets came in when he realized that he only had to work menial jobs for little money.

“I came to study in the USA and had to work to pay off 50% of the tuition fees. But I only got menial jobs, and the salary was not much. So I was filled with regret because I was comfortable in SA and made a lot of money there,” he added.

Donkor added that he struggled in the early stages of his move into the USA. However, things got easier after he got a permanent residency.

Source: SVTV Africa
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