My salary as a worker in Spain is more than a lecturer’s salary in Ghana - Spain-based Ghanaian

Abdul Aziz Seidu .png DJ Nyaami in an interview with Abdul Aziz Seidu

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

Ghanaian based in Spain, Abdul Aziz Seidu, has revealed that his take home as a waiter in Spain is GHC8000 which he claimed was more than his lecturers in the University of Ghana, Legon.

In a chat in SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Aziz indicated that no one should blame the youth for migrating to the western world because such talks entice them into travelling to work abroad.

“The reason most of the youth pass through the desert and all is money. When I got here, I did not speak the language, but I got a job at a bar, and the salary was Ghs8000. Why would I stay in Ghana if I make this much without a degree?”

“In Legon, the lecturers take Ghs7000. So if I make that much without a degree, boys would like to travel. I don't know if they can fix the problem, but I know that is the main reason boys would move here,” he said on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide.’

Speaking on the cost of living in Spain, Aziz confirmed that it is high. However, the amount left after his expenses may be more than a teacher’s salary in Ghana.

“Let’s say I spend half of my salary on my expenses to live cool. But half of that is Ghs4000, but my high school teacher in Ghana did not take that as salary. If I want to buy a Toyota car here, the cost is the same in Ghana. Still, a guy here will save better than someone in Ghana,” he added.

Source: SVTV Africa