Nurses earn more in the UK because our lifestyle is different from Ghana - UK-based Ghanaian Nurse

SVTV Nurse Abroad Cynthia Lindsey, UK-based Ghanaian Nurse and host

Mon, 6 Dec 2021 Source: SVTV Africa, Contributor

The UK-based Ghanaian nurse, Cynthia Lindsey, has stated that nurses in the UK earn more than Ghanaian nurses because the lifestyle abroad is very different from Ghana.

According to Cynthia, taxes are much expensive in London than it is in Ghana. Speaking on SVTV Africa’s ‘Daily Hustle in the UK’, Cynthia mentioned that the lifestyle they live also makes a great difference.

“When it comes to salary here it can't be compared to Ghana because it's according to the lifestyle here. In Ghana, things are not that expensive so the money nurses receive is according to the lifestyle there. We have to pay a lot of taxes here; council taxes and others,” she told host, DJ Nyaami.

Cynthia further acknowledged that Ghanaians may see it as more money because “when you change the pounds to cedis, it becomes a lot of money. That is why they think that it's better here.”

She encouraged aspiring nurses to be passionate about their work. Cynthia believes that nursing is a calling. Being in the health care sector for two decades, she also shares her experiences as a nurse in the UK, racism, jealousy etc.

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Source: SVTV Africa, Contributor
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