Stowaway begs to be deported from Germany to Ghana over claims of torture

Yahaya .png Ghanaian stowaway to Germany, Yahaya

Mon, 28 Mar 2022 Source: crimecheckghana.org

A Germany-based Ghanaian, Yahaya is appealing to the government to get him deported to his home country, Ghana over hardship and claims of torment in the European nation.

He claimed that German authorities have been reluctant in processing his travelling documents for his deportation until he accepts their demand for him to become gay.

According to Yahaya who stowed away to the European country in search of greener pastures, the torment and unbearable hardship he is going through, is the mastermind of those who want him to become gay.

In events leading to his possible deportation, he said authorities sent him to a deportation camp which gave him hope of being expatriated as soon as possible.

However, his hopes were dashed after a year of no sign of his deportation.

“I was rather been attacked spiritually at the camp which I believe those who want me to engage in homosexual activities orchestrated it. I was in the camp for over a year but nothing was done about my documents,” he told Crime Check TV GH.

He said upon insisting on his freedom, he was released from the camp but society has not been kind to him.

“I have been in Germany for five years now and since the day I resisted being a homosexual, I do not get jobs and even when I go to a supermarket to buy an item, it is sold to me at a double price. I cannot bear it any longer. I want to go home,” he added.

Yahaya said he would be happy to come home and starve than to engage in such an ungodly act, which is against the teachings of Islam.

“My family has been calling me to come home and enter into farming. It is better than going through hardship here,” he said.

Source: crimecheckghana.org