#12: Nyantakyi used George Weah to peddle influence – Baako

Thu, 21 Jun 2018 Source: Class FM

Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako has revealed that resigned former president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi, attempted introducing then-presidential candidate of Liberia, George Weah, to undercover investigators of Tiger Eye PI, who posed as Saudi investors for business deals beyond the borders of Ghana.

Mr Baako noted that the Tiger Eye team, led by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, have emails and transcripts of telephone conversations as evidence to that effect, and, so, Mr Nyantakyi’s claim that his email was hacked at the time he was engaged in business negotiations with the undercover team, is false.

According to Mr Baako, Mr Nyantakyi financed Mr Weah’s trip to Dubai and paid for his accommodation in his attempt to introduce him to the supposed Saudi businessmen so that in the event that Mr Weah won the Liberian presidential election, it could give them access to business opportunities in Liberia.

Mr Nyantakyi had said he was tricked by Anas and his Tiger Eye PI Company in their recent exposé which captured alleged rot at the FA. He also said Anas and his team hacked into his email to fake evidence against him.

“The avowed aim of the Tiger Eye Team being mischief, my belief is that my email account was hacked with the deliberate aim of tarnishing my reputation”.

Reacting to this claim on Good Morning Ghana on Accra-based Metro TV, Mr Baako said the embattled GFA president was not being truthful.

He told show host Randy Abbey that: “The email is here, he had no business to send George Weah to go and meet Tiger Eye because Tiger Eye hadn’t requested for it. And this is why I say the point that he said he was being scammed as if he was innocent, cannot be true. He was seeking to expand his influence, so, he took George Weah and two others to Dubai ostensibly to meet Tiger Eye but Tiger Eye were not interested, so, they didn’t meet him and his guest and he got angry. That was the beginning of him beginning to suspect that perhaps Tiger Eye people were not [genuine].”

Mr Baako noted that Mr Nyantakyi arranged for Mr Weah to meet the supposed investors after he had received $65,000 as a gift for shopping from the undercover team after negotiating how to allegedly dupe the country through the sponsorship of the Ghana Premier League and how to get road and other contracts from the government of Ghana.

Mr Baako said: “The ticket for Weah and things, he bought it himself. He was going to introduce Weah to them to promote Weah that Weah was a presidential candidate, he was sure to win the Liberian elections…Weah, too, had good connections and good business interest and all that.

“He [Nyantakyi] wrote an email to Tiger Eye. This is somebody who was not tricked by anybody to go and do something. He himself was interested in building a business empire, so, he’s gone and brought in the Liberian connection and that time, Weah was a presidential candidate, and, so, when Tiger Eye didn’t show up, he got angry and exchanged very serious words with Tiger Eye, both through emails and telephones, the transcripts are all here.

“Angry that they had disappointed him because he had brought such a personality thus far, paid for a hotel, paid for plane tickets and didn’t show up…[he even threatened Tiger Eye]. So, you can’t tell me somebody hacked your email. That is what I mean by if I were him, I’ll rather go to the investigators, watch the rushes, perhaps, read the emails and focus and deal with the issues. Try and purge yourself through the investigative process. If you don’t succeed there, in the court of law you could also defend yourself, but what he’s doing now, I’m telling you he’s digging a hole for himself.”

Source: Class FM
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